Mineral Ridge

The 5,617 hectare (13,879 acre) Mineral Ridge property is located ~6 km northwest of the town of Silver Peak and 56 km southwest of Tonopah in Esmeralda County, Nevada. Titan signed an Option Agreement on the Mineral Ridge Property from Scorpio Gold Corporation through its US affiliates. Titan believes there is tremendous untapped potential on this drill-ready, fully permitted site, with current known gold resources of 350,000 ounces. A comprehensive drill campaign is expected to begin immediately with a target to expand the resource around the existing open pits.

Key Facts

  • Location: Esmeralda County, Nevada
  • Ownership: Up to 100%
  • Property: Mineral Ridge Property is a fully permitted mine and mill operation that is comprised of approximately 14,000 acres of patented, fee-owned, and unpatented mining claims which include certain water rights. Historically, the property has produced approximately 1 million ounces of gold from underground and open pit mining operations. The 2018 feasibility study outlined Proven and Probable Mineral Reserves of 273,500 ounces of gold hosted in remaining heap leach material and in remnant pit areas.
  • Primary metal: Gold
  • Type of mining: Open pit

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